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Basic Steps Of STAADPRO.
sandeep kumar,
posted 8 months 3 weeks ago.

As we all know that structural analysis and design is an important aspect in civil engineering while advancement of technology and since inception of computers in our day to day life the problem definition and its analysis is being simplified. As 3D analysis of a structure is not possible by manual means while structural design software like STAADPRO, ETAB, SAP2000,midas gen etc have made this a simple and quick process with more precise result .
               In this blog I am going to discuss about STAADPRO as it is vastly in use and better User Interface the steps involved are elaborated in following lines :
1. Creating a project file with suitable file name.
2. Fixing the units.
3. Creating the Geometry by JOINT   COORDINATES and MEMBER INCIDENCE command.
4. Applying the member properties as per codal provision and self judgement.
5. Providing support to the structure.
6. Using definition command for loads .
7. Applying loads on floors and other structural components.
8. Providing output units.
9. Defining the codes.
10. Print support reaction command after  perform analysis.
11. Defining design code i.e., IS 456 or IS 13920
11. Design commands as per respective codes
12 .Finally design and result output.
                               In short I tried to give an overview of the commands and steps involved I will hope to get into detail after getting feedback from your response.