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Best Construction Practices
sandeep kumar,
posted 9 months 2 days ago.

I owe to write a blog over best construction practices as of my Nearly 10 years of experience I found that what we read during our engineering hours doesnt easily correlate with the side conditions and then there comes out ones experience as an engineer to fit the decision making as per conditions available.
                              As per my experience most of us study various aspects of civil engineering but we get little opportunity to work on all the aspects which we study. So point wise I like to detail the requirements to practice our passion I.e., civil engineering.
1. One should be well conversed with the codes published by competent authority as these were the binding data for field application .
2. Engineers should keep themselves updated with the recent development.
3. A quality for judging the things must be developed just as in spiritual manner of what I am doing, for whom I am doing and reason for associating a professional with the job.
4. Emphasis should be put over quality rather than quantity to have a best engineering practice.
5. Magnify the process to correlate yourself  with all the deeds and keep yourself  satisfied with the procedure.
6. Always believe that all your actions are predetermined as a professional approach.
                              Writing the above lines its clear that a professional should always differentiate the process by a common man doing the same job as a Engineer. Codes are the binding document for Engineers and they should be well conversant  and apply them to real life problem with all the intuition and expertise .