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Civil Engineer Role Towards Nation Building.
sandeep kumar,
posted 9 months 15 hours ago.

We often heard of various periods in history like mughals period,Roman rule or say various civilization like Indus valley etc all these were remembered only for two things first one is their administration and secondly their architecture or construction. So its distinct that the engineers play an important in building lives as the basic amenities like house is build by an civil engineer.
                       Elaborating above lines its quite clear that a small unit constitute to whole area.  If a civil engineer applies his mind in building a small house will lead to a technically sound nation i.e.,structures can withstand various forces of nature like earthquake, flood, cyclones etc which eventually leads to less losses and save the nation wealth.
                         Its the attitude of civil engineers that will reflect in the structure and overall in the countries outlook. If a engineer who is mentally tough and having robust feeling then this will reflect into the work he carried. So as a person needs to be healthy physically and mentally so on the nation should also be healthy which can be checked by the quality and quantity of infrastructure it has build and its the responsibility of civil engineers to plan and implement these infrastructure projects and build the nation. A good home is were happiness lies and its the duty of civil engineers to put smile on everyone face and their worth for the nation.