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Democratic Approach In Problem Solving.
sandeep kumar,
posted 8 months 2 weeks ago.

Democracy is the most acceptable form of government worldwide. As more and more public participation is infused in the process of governance to make the system transparent,in my view its the time to include the intelligence of public in solving the problem faced by us.
As we are having a mechanism in place to deliver goods and services to the nation through various modes. We need to develop a mechanism through which fresh or can say that compatible ideas can be infused into the system.
             Nowadays creative ways of delivering the services like the concept of "Make in India" and formation of "NITI AAYOG" and other platforms are created to infuse fresh and time correlated ideas into the system .The purpose of all these is to optimize the system and make way for creative ruling.
              This blog is all about how we can get maximum benefit from the population as we are having a pool of technical ,competent and experienced people who are part of selection but not part of the delivery mechanism. My idea is to involve them in the decision making and take benefit from the pool of talent which are wasted in the form of unemployability. As an example : a movement run by the government in the name of "SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN " which has the motive of cleaning the surrounding with the involvement of local authorities and public participation. In such scheme their exists various forms of wastes which needs to be catered like solid waste ,liquid waste and then the industrial waste all these cannot be treated in a single day ,we need to focus on every aspect and making huge participation of the public whether its physically and mentally will lead to a fruitfull result. So the basic behind this is to clean the system as we have pool of technical people and organizations which can come up with ways to reduce the burden over government machinery and also they can generate some revenues for carrying such schemes which finally leads to reduction in unemployability.
                         So its public participation that can do impossible things with ease and we need to trap those ideas through various modes of interface within the Democratic structure and trapping the potential of peoples intellect in solving complex issues which will affect them vice -versa.