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E-quality Control.
sandeep kumar,
posted 8 months 1 week ago.

With the advent of computers many of our day to day activities made simpler. As the customized approach towards a definite work can be done using computers by feeding the desired data. So our  civil engineering stream is also influenced by this phenomenon as in every stage whether its planning,controlling, organizing etc their is utility of computers in every field. The first and the foremost thing that a computer can do is to simplify tedious job.Through this blog I am going to discuss about the E- quality control where "E" stands for electronic.
                Scarcity of skilled manpower and other factors which influences a construction project are primarily responsible for the technological inclusion. When we plan something its in the office but the execution part is played at the site and also its the most important aspect so we need better skilled manpower and tools to carry this part..But in the absence of these or with inclusion of computers we can achieve better results. Various benefits includes:-
1. Less time consuming.
2. More efficient system.
3. Real time quality control.
4. Requires less manpower.
5. Reduce project cost.
                         E-quality control can be done by done using various forms  like installing web camera at site ,tools for on-site check like the production of ready mix concrete,data analyzer at site etc.Now a day with the increase in volume of project and change in process E- quality control is an upgraded option and need of the hour.