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Infrastructure Asset Management.
sandeep kumar,
posted 8 months 2 days ago.

Development parameters of a country are defined by the level of infrastructure it maintains. It may be termed as the length of Highways, Railways,Buildings and the ecosystems provided within a nation .Like most of the developed countries fulfill all these parameters and provide there citizens the basic as well as comfort infrastructure.
                  While developing these huge infrastructure the nation spends lots of its GDP in it but as the the matter always fixes at quality is important than quantity ,the term Infrastructure asset
Management comes into play. The quality of asset we maintain will finally decide the health of the nation. For an example if a person is travelling on a road full of potholes he will face psychological as well as physical problem in passing through the path it will deter his health on long run,while the creation of these roads takes a long time and heavy investment there is always a need to maintain these ways whether its road or rail keeping in mind the depreciation of every object in this world. Infrastructure asset management is all about maintaining these capacity developed on a long run with huge investment .
                            Maintenance is a term important in these respect as all the things in this universe carries certain depreciation value. As per a government report 50% of government expenditure are incurred on the asset maintenance. While most of the government projects run on newer concepts of BOOT,PPP,OPMRC etc where the agency constructing these are made responsible for maintaining them for a certain period which helps in maintaining a healthy infrastructure with minimal cost.
                        The importance of Infrastructure asset management is important in many ways which can be illustrated through following points :-
1.   It helps in improving the health of nation like a better and efficient connectivity will enhance the life standard and business operation. For an example China is working on a project OBOR ( One belt One road ) which aims to connect major Asian countries will finally helps in improving the economy with such a huge infrastructure.
2.    As per a study most of the floods are caused due to breaches of embankments which are a result of poor maintenance so putting emphasis on the maintenance of these embankments considering it as an infrastructure can save many lives.
3.    Maintaining a schedule of establishment like periodical repairs, alterations etc all comes under the Infrastructure asset management.
                              The role of government is important as the basic infrastructure is developed by them with huge investment and putting a mechanism for the management of these assets will finally helps in  improving the quality of life .The implementation of IAM can be done in following ways. :-
1.    Implementing a maintenance policy for the assets to be created.
2.    Providing cost of the maintenance in the project for a specified period .
3.    Working on quality plan rather than quantity to improve the conditions of infrastructure created.
4.     Use of updated technology to enhance the quality of infrastructure and increasing the life span .
                        So in my view Infrastructure asset management is an important term in todays context as to optimize the cost and life span of created infrastructure and enhance the quality of living .