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nikhil borkar,
posted 5 months 2 days ago.


       I am Nikhil Borkar , I am mechanical department student BE 2nd year

1) what is kinematic of machine ?

Ans ):- Kinematicsis a branch ofclassical mechanicsthat describes themotionof points, bodies (objects), and systems of bodies (groups of objects) without considering the mass of each or the forces that caused the motion.[1][2][3]Kinematics, as a field of study, is often referred to as the "geometry of motion" and is occasionally seen as a branch of mathematics.[4][5][6]A kinematics problem begins by describing the geometry of the system and declaring the initial conditions of any known values of position, velocity and/or acceleration of points within the system. Then, using arguments from geometry, the position, velocity and acceleration of any unknown parts of the system can be determined. The study of how forces act on masses falls withinkinetics. For further details, seeanalytical dynamics.