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Management In Our Day To Day Life.
sandeep kumar,
posted 9 months 1 day ago.

Management is an essential feature in executing any kind of work efficiently. In our day to day life whether its planning our schedule to caring our family ,completing the targeted job to enjoying our hobbies ,management plays an important role.
                      As an example I will try to apply these management tricks in our popular sports I.e., cricket .In cricket the team comprises of eleven members on field with all of the eleven members are having some speciality in them and team leader named as captain is selected from among these specialist players . On the ground every player perform their own duty just as employees shares their responsibilities in office and as all the family members perform their duties at home. The duty of the team leader is to judge the situation and guide as well as motivate its employee towards the final goal I.e., the result in favour of their team .Sometimes captain or the group leader needs to play the leading role like taking responsibility over the under performing sectors etc.
                       From the above lines its quite clear that we face certain problems in our day to day life and we need to perform within a group and its all about having good managerial skills to apply and to get the result in favour.