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Need To Identify Our Abilities.
sandeep kumar,
posted 8 months 3 weeks ago.

A a person we born with a neutral mind i.e.,no bias but as we grow we came to find out our existence as in which religion we are born which caste we are born in and as we grow further we are idenfied by our art .
                               As we find from the above para  that how the life has taken roll on. In this situation the primary duty of every person is to work for the betterment of mankind which gave us the opportunity to see such a beautiful life .As a human being our aim should be to live for all and work above the lines of caste and creed .But as we see throughout the times that our lives are destroyed by ourselves through various acts of destruction like terrorism , naxalism, cold wars etc these all happens when we get involved into the feeling of giving i.e ., we started thinking about in which religion I born in ,from which caste am I and from which region of globe I am .
                          These all thoughts causes a conflict within ourselves and these conflicts later on transferred to our doings .My basic aim through this blog is that to get a inner view of the objects we see and lets transfer this thoughts to in our day to day activities so that the sole aim of human race remains to keep giving  to this planet much as we can as it gave us .
                          In due course of these conflicts we forget our real identity and also our real abilities with which we are born into this world .So think once that if someone has send you here with specific powers but in due course of your growth you forget your potential which are always for doing some good things as a result we often spend our lives in wastage doing unfruitful works.
      So always try to think over broader spectrum which helps everyone to identify there true potential.