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Structural Dynamics And Its Application In Real Life
sandeep kumar,
posted 9 months 1 day ago.

We studied many subjects in engineering but structural analysis is of utmost importance as it has got application in every sphere of civil engineering whether its building, bridges,transportation and in hydraulics too.
                       In this blog I am going to deal with structural dynamics in respect to our real life. We are having such a physique which maintain its CG in such a way as the concept of buoyancy we roll down when it got shifted from its position. When we face certain problem we need to draw a free body diagram which helps in understanding the behavior of forces as similar when we are in problem we need to make ourselves free and then analyze the forces to solve these problems. For an example stress which is load per unit area when we are in stress then its good as we are meant for taking stress upto a permissible limit but beyond a certain limit i.e., the load increases stress increases as area of our existence is limited .Sometimes to solve this problem we have to increase this load carrying area i.e., to share with someone and by increasing the load carrying capacity by way of meditation and by keeping ourselves healthy. So its of utmost important for us to understand these structural dynamics of life to upcome challenges and to lead a smooth life .