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Understanding Ones Own Bio-clock
sandeep kumar,
posted 8 months 2 weeks ago.

We heard a famous proverb "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man Healthy wealthy and wise". We can say that making a good habit of timely sleep and discipline in adopting that clock will finally helps in achieving a good mental health and success in every sphere of life.
So certainly there exist a clock other than the visual clock which is in 24X7 format and to make full use of this we arrange our daily routine to optimise our potential.
                           As a normal human being I use to have a 8 hour sleep 8 hours of work and rest works and hobbies and miscellaneous items are distributed in the mean time .As the life progress es we use to get adapted with this routine and naturally the body start to respond to this timing i. e., when we put a timing of 10 pm for sleep we used get that alarm ringing every day for sleep at that time and as we crosses this timing its not possible to get an easy sleep .Through above discussion I mean to illustrate that as we try to understand our capabilities in the mean time of our growth we should also try to understand the timing set for our body and mind so that all our organs and all our mind are controlled or are in tandem with the physical phenomenon and physical clock .
                         Understanding Bio clock as an important concept as it controls our day to day activities and help us in optimizing our potential and lead a productive life todays life is full of ups and down causing stress to overcome this every human being should set their own Bio clock as per their requirement and helping us achieve our true potential and synchronizing life according to the pace .