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User Interface
sandeep kumar,
posted 8 months 2 weeks ago.

We all encounter interface with our surroundings in our day to day life ,the thoughts we communicate are as per this surroundings. Like if we visit a market the whole thoughts will be around product i .e., its price,quality,comparisons ,we work on various softwares with a specified user interface etc and so on various interfaces.
                         By above lines I tried to elaborate the importance of interface in our life being a user by the creators point of view. It keeps a great importance in our life it clearly decides the
Kind of energy we are interacting or transmitting .Like a simple example is that astutes often practice under a unfavorable human conditions so when we are thinking of changes like cleanliness around us then the first things is to make a holy soul .
                        In the same way public - private interface should be increased for both of them to develop better understanding and also to help them improve their suitability .such like improving the quotients of society one need to take up the job individually and then a chain of interface with others will lead to quick result. The various interface can sometimes have beneficial while sometimes having malicious effect such as:
1. A better interface between government and public i.e., implementing the schemes for public and making them aware about the scheme can help in strengthening the relation between both of them.
2. A good interface within the family can improve the stability between them .
3. A positive interface between humans and the nature can increase the stability of the universe like with lesser harming to the nature means deforestation ,killing of animals etc will help in balancing the stability of universe.
4. Just as when we are working on machines the kind of command we input the result will be according to it .
                         So in my view this interface carries a great importance in our life and the kind of input we give we will get result according to it and to keep us healthy we need to keep our interface healthy.