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Bars Subjected to transverse loads.

Planar and slender members.


Identified by the resistance offered to forces.
       (a) Rollers/Links:
             Resists forces in a direction along the line of action (Fig1).
      (b) Pins:
            Resists forces in any direction of the plane (Fig2).
      (c) Fixed Support:
           Resists forces in any direction (Fig3).
           Resists moments.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3



(a) Statically determinate or indeterminate.
      Statically determinate - Equilibrium conditions sufficient to compute reactions.
      Statically indeterminate - Deflections (Compatibility conditions) along with equilibrium
equations should be used to find out reactions.
(b) Cross sectional Shapes - I,T,C or other cross sections.
(c) Depending on the supports used
      1) Simply supported - pinned at one end and roller at the other (Fig 1)
      2) Cantilever - fixed at one end and the other end free (Fig 2).
      3) Fixed beam - fixed at both ends (Fig 3).

                                     Fig 1                                                                                  Fig 2                                                                            Fig 3

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