Date : 2016-06-23 12:24:21


In this system, the connections between the main component members are made by horizontal connecting pieces or battens, which may be of plates, angles, channel, or I-sections riveted or welded as the case may be.






The loads carried by steel columns are transmitted to the soil through suitable devices which are known as column bases. In fact, the bearing capacity of the soil being much smaller than the strength of steel, the area of the foundation required is much larger than the area of the column to carry the same load. Also steel is liable to suffer corrosion etc. in contact with soil, hence special care has to be taken to connect the column to the actual foundation to ensure :


• proper alignment and verticality of columns;

• protection of steel base from ground corrosion and damage; and

• proper and firm anchorage to the column base, limiting any foundation settlement or movement.

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