Date : 2016-06-23 12:24:21

Symbols Used In Helical Spring

a)      lo= free length of spring

b)      d = Diameter of spring wire

c)       D= Mean diameter of coil

d)      Do= Outer diameter of coil

e)      Di= Inner diameter of coil

f)       p = Pitch

g)      i = Number of active coils

h)      i’= Total number of coils

i)        F= load on the spring or Axial force

j)        y= Deflection

k)      G= Modulus of Rigidity

l)        c= Spring index

m)    k= Curvature factor or Wahl's stress factor

n)      Koor Fo=Stiffness of spring or Rate of spring

o)      a= Clearance, 25% of maximum deflection.

p)      ty= Torsional yield shear strength (stress)

q)      F.O.S = Factor of safety

r)       F1= Minimum load

s)       F2= Maximum load

t)       Y2= Maximum deflection

u)      Y’= Deflection for the load range

v)      n= Number of additional coils

w)    g= Acceleration due to gravity

x)      V= Volume

y)      m= Mass of the spring

z)       y1= Initial deflection or initial compression

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