Date : 2016-06-23 12:24:21

Nipping Of Leaf Springs

As discussed in the previous section, the stresses in extra full length leaves are 50% more than the stresses in graduated –length leaves.  One of the methods of equalizing the stresses in different leaves is to pre-stress the spring.

 The pre-stressing is achieved by bending the leaves to different radii of curvature, before they are assembled with the centre clip. 

As shown in Figure the full-length leaf is given a greater radius of curvature than the adjacent leaf

The radius of curvature decreases with shorter leaves. 

The initial gap C between the extra full-length leaf and the graduated-length leaf before the assembly is called a nip.

 Such pre-stressing, achieved by a difference in radii of curvature, is known as nipping.

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